Jumpsuits and rompers, that were once meant to be the formal territory of toddlers, mechanics and clowns have made their way into the glamorous fashion world for all the right reasons. It’s unthinkable how this piece made its way into fashion and even hard to understand how we got inclined towards it and bought it for our wardrobe. Well, if you haven’t yet then after reading this one, you definitely will. Recently jumpsuits and rompers have been on the radar because of the comfort they put us in and of course, the look is totally worth it. They are being termed as an ‘all-in-one’ outfit opposite to the perennially popular dresses. It has the ease of an outfit in one piece with so much added comfort, coverage and the cool factor. This style has been spotted for years but never ever has this thought stroked that it could create a wave that has no sign of fading.

Many spring collections and runways have added this as an ode to sporty silhouettes. Onesies, jumpsuits, rompers whatever you call them were a trend first but now they’re staple- they’re everywhere you see as the new classic! Here’s a list of jumpsuits evolving right now-


Black as a choice of color will never fail you. As a matter of fact, black conceals all your body flab and tires thus giving a good coverage and adding a definition to the body. Whenever you want to try a new piece of outfit, always go with dark colors. Reason being that dark colors can be worn as it is and less needs to be done to hide any flaws. A black heather jumpsuit is best for date nights and formal parties to flaunt at. If you have broad shoulders to hide then go something with thin lines or stripes in a dark jumpsuit. Beware of your body type always and pair this one with pumps or stilettos to amp our style.


When in doubt, wear denim. Denims are one stop shop for shirts, bottoms, skirts and now jumpsuits as well. You can never go wrong with it and all those who shy away from trying new trends, can definitely go for the denim one. You just need to let go of the fear and flaunt that hourglass figure of yours. It gives a very casual yet trendy look because denims are a classic. The tip is to go bare neck without any accessories, just a pair of casual sneakers and a watch to go with. Tie your hair up in a ponytail and be ready with the cool chic vibe.


Some might think of jumpsuits as conservative because of the coverage they give to our body but not anymore! Because off-shoulder and strapless styles are here to tame your fashion hunger. This one gives a straight up chic and stylish look and one feels really confident carrying off this one. It feels like strapless or off-shoulder styles are made for women with smaller bustline or petite structures. Oozing oomph and class, this needs to be paired with sexy stilettos and a nice minaudiere clutch to take it to next level. Chokers are definitely your go-to accessories with this one.



For those planning a vacation or a weekend getaway, this will be your one choice as a playsuit and a jumpsuit. It’s vibrant, chic and stylish for all you know. For the love of floral, just pick this one in any print right away. One can never feel outdated with pattern or prints because of their feather light texture. A life hack for all of us when nothing else works! You could pull off of a pair of nice summer flip flops with this one and nothing will be more glamorous.  A perfect summer companion!


Breaking the routine and wearing flared jeans was the first best thing we did. Now it’s time to re-do it in jumpsuits. Having an outfit with fitted texture till thighs and solely splitting up or loosen up to the toes sounds so attractive and classy right? This one takes the shape of your curves and sits well on the hips. With flare, there is room to breathe and a never ending style quotient. Pair it up with ballerinas or switch between pumps and peep-toes. Everything works! Halter necks and sweetheart necklines refine this one even more.

Jumpsuits actually have the capacity to solve too many wardrobe problems because they are the easiest way to get a pulled-together look in no time.

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