Agree or not, but we all tend to do a lot of mistakes and blunders while putting our makeup on. And it’s quite natural to happen as nobody is born professional; it needs a truckload of practice in order to get things right and straight. But that doesn’t mean it can stop you from going ahead. With some knowledge and practice, you can surely stop yourself from doing and repeating those mistakes. We know how exactly it feels when you spend hours getting your makeup right only to look like a blunder the minute you step out of your house. However, these common mistakes or we should say makeup faux pas can easily be avoided if you bear certain things in mind. Don’t worry we have listed some of the very common mistakes we all do and how you can avoid them from happening.

Keep on reading to know about them.

1. Doing your makeup in the wrong lighting

The majority of us do this mistake where we apply our makeup in wrong lighting and quite honestly that’s one of many makeup blunders you wouldn’t want to happen. Whereas doing your makeup in a place that comes with natural and bright lighting allows you to see how your face will look to all the people out there when you step outside of your house. If you don’t have a spot where you can get natural lighting then you can use a cosmetic mirror that comes with good lighting.

2. Using the wrong shade of foundation

One of the most common and the worst makeup faux pas is using a wrong shade of foundation. A foundation shade that isn’t your ideal match can be very prominent and can give you a very unflattering and made-up look. It’s always wise to keep searching for foundations until you find the right one for yourself that matches your skin tone and give you skin like feeling.

Pro tip: instead of testing your foundation on the back of your hand or the wrist, apply it to your face or jawline to see if that’s the right shade for your skin tone.

3. Using too much foundation

How much is too much? Well, some girls tend to forget about it when it comes to applying makeup and in the process of doing so, they happen to make a makeup blunder. And one of the worst mistakes is to apply layers of foundation on your face. It will not only seem very obvious but will also give your face a very cakey appearance. Applying layers of foundation won’t do any good to you; the job can easily be done with just one layer of it. If you are using a foundation to hide those blemishes, it’s better to either opt for high coverage ones or let the concealer do this job.

4. Overdoing your mascara

Well, we understand you love the idea of those big, fuller and luscious lashes but that doesn’t mean you will go all the way out and apply coats and coats of mascara to your lashes. It will not only make your lashes look very clumpy but will also give them a spider leg appearance which we are not a big fan of. Apply the mascara very nicely and evenly whilst lifting them as well. And make sure to separate them using a lash comb in order to avoid clump formation.

While applying mascara to your lower lashes hold the wand vertically and then apply it nicely to your each lash.

5. Lip liner blunder

Firstly you need to understand that a lip liner’s job is to define the shape of your lips and not to act as border line that should be seen. Your lip liner should always be similar to the color of your lip shade which is to be applied on your lips. You can either use a lip liner to create the shape of your lips or you can also choose to fill up the entire lips to intensify the color of your lipstick and to make it stay longer.

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