If you were to go through your jewellery collection right now, we’re sure you will find at least five pieces of necklaces because let’s face it, they’re never enough! Necklaces as we know touch our neck so the right length and width really matters and counts in. For instance, a choker necklace will work beautifully on a long thin neck but will make a shorter neck look wider than it actually is. Now women have been crazy for beauty accessories for years and the main motive behind wearing these is to feel and look gorgeous. Styling jewellery is an art. Different metals like gold, silver, tassels and crafty designs in necklaces have extended the horizons and so, there are countless number of pieces to pick from. Adding any necklace to the attire totally alters the look and creates an unforgettable impression.

This everlasting piece of jewellery is sure to add glam to your attire without doing much and is going to have a long shelf life if invested rightly.


Festoon is not the latest trend but actually dates back centuries because of a very traditional yet classy design. Festoon basically means a garland of flowers. Here the necklace is associated with a thread chain connecting beads and stones together. They are interwoven to form a neckpiece. The length is just right as it sits right at the collarbone. Although it’s a part of the history, it is an everyday staple today also and timeless. It will continue to be a part of your closet if you buy it once. This one here never gets old and is always a big hit.


With a gold or silver chain attached to a single piece of stone in the centre is one of the most popular designs in necklace collection. It is very versatile and goes with everything. It can be customised with every outfit and can be the best gift for someone as well. This will overpower your wardrobe like nothing else. Such a petite chain to much larger focal piece are key features of this neckline and looks best with every feminine fashion.


Chokers have been popular since ages and look really stunning with all outfits-dresses, skirts, shorts, whatever you name it. They are strictly attached to your neckline and have the capacity to showcase a bold look. They come in chains, fabrics and beads as well. One single material with multiple designing and fastening around the neck make it easy breezy comfortable to wear. Some chokers also have a pendant or stone sitting in the centre.


Something that comes in multiple chains. Bib chains cover the entire breast area because of multiple layers and look amazing at formal parties with co-ordinate sets. You’ll usually find most bib necklaces worn as statement pieces paired with formal wardrobe choices to ace that look. These are high end jewellery and are often quite expensive. Charms, faux pearls and vintage lockets are a part of these layers making them appear an artful piece.


A riviere necklace usually has one or two rows of precious pearls and gemstones. There are stones and beads attached through a hook in this necklace and as the necklace continues, the stones gradually become smaller in size at the back. The length of these necklaces is princess or collar length. The links are close enough that you cannot see the joints thus creating an effect of gradual stream of stones together. It emphasises not only on the beauty of the necklace but the stones engraved in it as well.


A beaded necklace looks best with t-shirts, casual dresses or jeans & sweater combination. It’s a very common design and usually the beads are precious stones, pearls or crystals hanging around the neck. They have been popular from the start because of the elegance and cool chic style. You can also pair them with a maxi dress or long skirt for a fun and casual boho look.

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