There is no match for the instant confidence boost that you get from when you slip into your favourite pair of shoes. It would not be a surprise to say that every woman owns more or less 15 pairs of shoes and that is just a tentative number. Every shoe has its own design and identity to go with different outfit styles. With incredible revolution in fashion, sneakers have gained the importance and recognition they deserve. With the right pair of shoes, you can conquer the world-rightly said! And now there are just so many styles to name. Funky, formal, classic to name a few! It is the best trend to have emerged on the streets as ubiquitous sneakers. Street style sneakers are still reigning supreme and their popularity will go on forever. You might have amassed a few odd pairs here and there so, Let’s check out our all-encompassing list of different styles of sneakers these days that you can’t afford to miss.


Unless you want to go all dolled-up for an event, the option is to choose the most casual and light weight sneakers. The tennis sneakers are very simple in design and you can opt these for any casual spree. Wearing these won’t be regret because of the comfort they carry. When you know you’ll be walking a lot, you want to feel at ease and not get any of those shoe bites. So this one is the perfect pick for such outings! Wear this with your denims, loose tunics, skirts or just anything you wish to. These cute babies go with everything!


Speaking of platform, we mean any shoes style with heels. And heels are not like the pointed sleek stilettos or pumps but actually a thicker bottom form start to back. These types of platform shoes add a pump to your walk and you also feel taller. This is truly a gift for those who want to look taller but can’ wear heels every day. They give an extra spring to your steps which really make you want to run around like a jelly bean. For their toned design and stylish looks, you must have at least one pair in your closet! They are simple yet chic-perfect!


Sneakers with either a patch on them, unusual designing or prints are sure to attract your and everybody else’ attention. Such sneakers give a feeling of representing something in particular. Maybe it’s some culture or a slogan. Whatever it is, it gives a very retro and vintage look to the shoes. Plus some of us don’t like pitch clean sneakers and want them to be dirty to add a touch of personality and staying true to the fact that shoes are worn in a rough manner and should look that way. For such a style, printed sneakers are nearly perfect.


The idea behind elevated gum soles is very classy. It has that chunky feel to it but also elegance because they can actually be worn to formal events. A very modern design in shoe because of the contrast in the upper body and the lower sole-this one will always be on the run. The quality of the sole and the design is very unique and is definitely a staple in the wardrobe. Pair these with mom jeans or skinny trousers with a crop top and statement earrings for the perfect chic style and office wear too.


As the name says, these sneakers have their neck extended way above the ankle to show grip and fuller design. These are super comfortable to wear all day. They are built with amazing quality canvas thus making them appear very attractive. When you’re going to travel all day long, this one will keep your style quotient updated. They’re very easy to wear and the perfect sneakers for when you’re on the job all day too.


Last but definitely not the least, a pair of sneakers with inherently cool and nostalgic school vibe. Striped sneakers are very rebellious and look really cool with the punk-rock feature. You can pick striped sneakers in different colours and when we say colours, we mean all of them existing in the world, yes! These are tailored in all colours and are sure to never grow old. Pair them with a midi-skirt or boyfriend jeans. Depending on your mood and outfit, you will find a new obsession in these for sure. We see them everywhere already!

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