Packing for a beach vacation doesn’t end with finding the right swimsuit. There are countless number of outfits that would make you look beach ready with a touch of personal style. On a hot summer day, nothing beats a day at the beach and doesn’t take much effort to put together all your creative ideas into action to ace the perfect beach look. Beach vacation is basically a hippie’s hair tied in bun, wearing tinted sunglasses and enjoying chilled beer against the seashore, impervious to the world around him. The most sought-after destination is undoubtedly a beach trip and god blessed us for that. We encounter a very excited yet laidback spirit at the beach and that’s why the dressing style is very distinctive from other vacations. So the trick is to stay chic but true to your own self when making a statement with fashion. Read on to have an insight on picking the perfect attire-


Been working hard at the gym? Time to flaunt that hot bod! For the ones who don’t shy away from showing too much skin, this is your definite pick for a beach. Just imagine the feel of sun kissed hair and salted water on your bikini body. This is your chance to redeem those rigorous workout hours and flaunt the gains. However if bikinis make you uncomfortable, go for the high wasted ones or tankinis because you don’t want to feel like a misfit in the crowd and act clumsy. So just pick the one that goes best with your body type, is glamorous and eases you at the same time. Put on trendy jewellery with a bikini and you’ll be stylish as ever.


The fact that bikinis might not be everybody’s pick for the beach because of obvious reasons; a sarong ideally suits a lot of women especially with those curvy bodies out there. Sarong is a piece of clothing that is wrapped around the body and can pull off beach vibe like a star. Usually, the sarong is paired with shorts and tank top or over a bikini to give that transparency look. Sarongs come in a lot of colours and prints thus flaunting a vibrant mood at the beach. It can be used as a dress and is a total steal for the beach. Add platforms or flip-flops to this look and you’re ready to dance on the beach. Definitely a must have!


Probably the best and most convenient option for any vacation. Shorts are ever so comfortable on a windy day, a rainy day, a beachy day-just everything. They are a go-to choice with as many options as you can think of. With long tops, bodysuits, tank tops, bralette; all these combinations are very popular and fit perfectly for roaming around all day long without feeling uncomfortable. You can sport an all matching outfit with same coloured bikini top for a tropical look or a deep tank top over a contrasted/neon bikini for some show-off. There are some of the signature fashion statements.


How sweet does that sound! What will be better than sitting at dusk at a beach in a floral printed sundress accessorised perfectly with crafty seashell jewellery and a hat to go with? After a long day, when you wish to go for a quiet stroll in the evening, this will be your apt pick. You obviously don’t want to get into jeans for sightseeing or grabbing a brunch, nor can you wear a bikini on the streets- too bold? Go for a printed sundress when the sun goes down and be comfortable while still feeling the air. Go for off-shoulders or side slit maxis to spice things up.


How can one visit a beach and not wear a hat? Straw hats not only protect you from the burning sun but also add that extra oomph to your look. Hats are a really cool accessory to be paired with everything-dresses, shorts, bikinis, skirts. It enhances your outfit and comes in various styles. Even bandanas are best for flaunting at a beach! Look for light colours as they look really attractive. Go boho with a hat, metal/crafty accessories and get into that salty water rightaway!


These perfectly layered pieces over swimwear are just perfect when you’re ready to leave for sand. Very easy breezy and light-weight, these can be pulled over a two-piece and bodysuits as they rhythm perfectly with the humidity of a beach. There is no need to tie them like sarongs; with a drawstring at the waistline they can be easily adjusted and some come like shrugs too. Endless colours to choose from, they come in different styles like kaftans. Wear strappy sandals and choker to complete the look!

Just put comfort as high as you put good looks and you’re all set for a quintessential vacation at the most happening place of all times. 😉

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