Everybody type is special. Petite, curvy, slim or healthy-everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and there is no second thought about it. But as individuals, it becomes hard sometimes to love our curves and flaws without envying the perfect figure. But you know what! Dressing according to your beautiful body shape and accentuating your weakness as assets is the most creative thing to do. It will not only boost your confidence but also make you feel happy about yourself. There are many shapes and figures like pear, apple, diamond, and each body shape come with its own rules to style specific clothing in which it looks best. Although you can wear anything you feel comfortable in but it is always good to wear something that is appealing to your eyes and others as well. So, we have some style tips and basic guide as to what and how you can wear your clothes to highlight your beauty and hide the flaws. Once you’ve found your body shape, it won’t be a tough task.


Women with apple-shaped bodies are generally fuller in the middle just like an apple is. With less defined waist and chubby features, the highlight of such bodies is hips and legs thus making them feel conscious of their bodies. But you can always use it to your benefit and we’ll tell you how. Wear V-necklines to flatter your bust and A-line dresses to create an illusion of a defined waist. You can also use sleek belts at the waist to highlight that area. You can also wear straight-leg and flared jeans to flaunt the curves in an elegant way and look trendy at the same time.


The pear-shaped beauties have narrow shoulders and curvy hips and thighs. Just like a pear has a small upper body and wide lower body, same goes here. This is the most common shape for curvy women and there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to apparel styling. Since your top half is narrow, highlight it wearing statement jewellery and adding details to the outfit like scarves. A wrap-around dress or flowy skirt will also look flattering on such bodies because it will hide the wide feature of the lower body. Jackets that are fitted at the waist also look very cool.


The perfect curvy woman with the perfect figure. Usually, with a slimmer waist and hips and chest of the same size, the hourglass shape bodies are used as mannequins by designers. This is a classic shape and is very popular in the list of sexy figures. A bodycon tunic will do its charm for you ladies. High waist skirts and trousers also flatter the figure paired with tight tees and tops. You can also wear peplum blouses and highlight that waistline of yours. Basically, anything that is fitted at the waist will work for you and not much thinking is required for you to slay all the way!


As the name suggests, such women have broader shoulders with fuller breasts and petite bottoms. You can impress with your top-heavy but the slender hips and legs lose it all. To dress well, you need to minimize accessories and balance the look. Try wearing solid plain tops and tunics to highlight the bust and waist. On the other hand, wear loose trousers like boyfriend jeans and a-line skirts to hide the slender legs. Flare is your thing because it will make you look fuller at the bottom and add volume just in balance with the upper half.


Opposite to the inverted triangle shaped bodies, diamond-shaped ladies have slender shoulders and arms, a wider midriff and a much wider lower portion of hips and thighs. While dressing, keep in mind the chic factor by drawing attention with a boho or crafty necklace or a scarf. Layering will do wonders for you. You can always wear a tank top and layer it with a cool jacket and scarf thrown casually in the neck. Embellished tops with attractive and sparkly necklines are you go to. For dresses, don’t be afraid to wear short dresses, show off some skin and have fun flaunting it.

No matter what the body shape is, always feel beautiful in your skin because that’s what matters!

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